For Tenants

At Quetzal Community Real Estate we are here to help you find the right home for you. Our diverse and friendly staff will guide you through the rental process from start to finish. Our comprehensive tenant handbook will provide you with what you need to know to have a successful tenancy. 

Why Rent from Quetzal?

  • Fair and transparent residency requirements and easy online application
  • Leases and other pertinent documents are stored in your secure online portal
  • Easy two way communication through our management software
  • Online rental payments with reminder emails
  • 24/7 emergency line and in-house maintenance 
  • Access to your secure tenant portal to view documents and payment history

Before you apply, be sure to review and agree to our:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m interested in the property, what’s the next step?

You must first check that it is still available. All adults 18 years and older who will be occupying the property need to complete an application and pay the application fee. Select the property on our available rentals page and click the APPLY NOW button. Partial applications will not be considered. Once you complete an application for all prospective occupants and pay the fee it takes 24 – 72 hours to approve or deny. This time is necessary to verify rental history, employment and references so please make sure that those people are expecting our call. 

Is the application fee refundable?

Once you submit the application fee it is nonrefundable for any reason regardless if you are approved or denied. If you are concerned about being approved you should discuss your situation with us before we process your application.

What happens after I’m approved?

We will contact you to sign the lease and pay the security deposit within 24 hours of approval notification. All leases are handled electronically. Until we receive the security deposit we continue to market the property for rent. If you don’t pay within 24 hours of approval we will process any backup applications and you may forfeit your ability to rent the home.

How much is the security deposit?

The standard security deposit for individuals who meet all criteria is equal to one months rent. If you do not have an established rental history, easily verifiable employment or you have blemishes in your past the deposit may be equal to two month’s rent.

How long can you hold a property?

In general the maximum time we can hold a property for you is 10 days with a reservation fee equal to the security deposit. If you back out prior to moving in the deposit is nonrefundable and you will be responsible for the terms of the lease. If you wish to hold it longer you will need to begin paying rent. Some properties may not be available to hold.

Client Testimonials

“I want to thank Quetzal for their kind customer service of the property I live in. It’s in constant change for residents like me to have a good quality of life.”


“Whenever I had a maintenance issue the problem was fixed in a timely manner.  They stayed in constant contact with me until the problem was fixed. I am very satisfied with their performance.”


“We have had a pretty satisfied experience with the maintenance request and response time. And the crew is always so friendly and professional!”